A lot of thinks were happening in one year.

I was getting a message from One.com that my card (and so my payment) was changed. This gave me the attention of the block again. 

The setup from the block is changes, so I had to try to find out how this is working and looking how the results are. I don’t see a preview

In one year a lot of thinks were happening. I am back in Ireland. Three months ago my partner Anne past away. I try now to pick up my live. I am back to work after a sabbatical Year. I am a little behind to do some work for EBT as a City Manager, but I am getting on track. Have a little patience with me, I am getting there.

Last month I found a note that was entered by JHN-Tx in Galway. That was the only hit what I had in the whole year. I hope I am getting a little bit more hits, it is getting a little scares

I don’t promise anything. I be back, don’t know when