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Google map is Eircode Ready

Ireland Posted on 22 Nov, 2016 21:24:31

I’m very surprised, but I noticed that Google map is now Eircode Ready.

As City manager for EBT I came across an Eircode in Galway, that needed some coordinates. Using Google map I was surprised that it gave me straight away the right coordinates. Ofcourse I was not for sure, so I had to double check it with the ‘Find or Check the Eircode’ side and it was true.

Be honest I was not expecting this, Maybe the Eircode is here for to stay

Map Routing Keys

Ireland Posted on 13 Oct, 2016 22:56:46

Site 13 July 2015 Ireland has Eircodes for every Building.

To be honest I think a lot of people don’t know there own Eircode. It is still not really in use.

You can read here more what the eircode is.

One part of the Eircode is the Routing Key (The first three characters) There are 139 of them. Ireland is divided in 139 (140 because there are 2 parts of P51) parts.

To try to get an idea of where the Routing Keys are, we were looking for a map, but couldn’t find anything.
Some people were starting a map to make some sence in the Routing Keys dividing.
I filled it up with Routing Keys from all the existed City Profiles in EBT.

A German EBTer MuenzMuc created a very nice map for the Irish Routing Keys

Thanks MuenzMuc for the great Job that you have done.

In his stats he had a lot of other more maps Have a look