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On my website you see the stats of my entering Euro Notes in Eurobilltracker

I am not good in Posting

City Profiles, Eurobilltracker, Others Posted on 11 Nov, 2021 18:09:54

It is more then two years ago that I posted a post here, and that was with a promise that I post more.

Not much is happening and a lot stays the same. I am keeping busy with work, Eurobilltracking and as Citymanager. Although I was a little bit behind, I am now again on track.

So not much to say. This time I don’t promise anything about the next post 🙂


Others Posted on 25 Oct, 2016 12:12:21

Searching for my name (What Google said about me) I found the names of my Grandparents on my mothers side

It was on a Stamboom (Genealogy Site) online from Wilma Alsemgeest

I wrote to here that I had some more information and there was some e-mail contact

She gave me more information and I passed it today to my neef (cousin) in Canada who has also a Stambook online

By contacting on e-mail I discovered something. I changed my Broadband provider (Big trouble with my old provider) and they still sending my my e-mails from my old e-mail address but I can’t send e-mails, so I had to create an e-mail address to send

Old Blog

Others Posted on 14 Oct, 2016 00:32:12

I found my old Blog

I started it in 2004 and did manage to continued it till 2005
Half Dutch and Half English.

I know I’m not that good in maintain a blog but I do my best smiley