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On my website you see the stats of my entering Euro Notes in Eurobilltracker

I am not good in Posting

City Profiles, Eurobilltracker, Others Posted on 11 Nov, 2021 18:09:54

It is more then two years ago that I posted a post here, and that was with a promise that I post more.

Not much is happening and a lot stays the same. I am keeping busy with work, Eurobilltracking and as Citymanager. Although I was a little bit behind, I am now again on track.

So not much to say. This time I don’t promise anything about the next post 🙂

And an other Year later

Eurobilltracker Posted on 17 Aug, 2019 12:55:06

A lot of thinks were happening in one year.

I was getting a message from that my card (and so my payment) was changed. This gave me the attention of the block again. 

The setup from the block is changes, so I had to try to find out how this is working and looking how the results are. I don’t see a preview

In one year a lot of thinks were happening. I am back in Ireland. Three months ago my partner Anne past away. I try now to pick up my live. I am back to work after a sabbatical Year. I am a little behind to do some work for EBT as a City Manager, but I am getting on track. Have a little patience with me, I am getting there.

Last month I found a note that was entered by JHN-Tx in Galway. That was the only hit what I had in the whole year. I hope I am getting a little bit more hits, it is getting a little scares

I don’t promise anything. I be back, don’t know when

Back after 1 1/2 year

Eurobilltracker Posted on 02 Jul, 2018 07:58:09

I had a sleepless night and al kind of things came into my head.

One of the thinks was this blog, I know I had somewhere a blog and here it is smiley

In this time a lot of things were happening, and also a lot stays the same.

The big change is that I´m now in Torrevieja, Spain. My partner is retired and her wish was always to go to a warmer climate.

(intermezzo : Ireland has now record high temperatures, There is a ´hose´ ban and Killarney is spilling some water)

I have from my work a sabbatical Year. In this Year we see how it is going on, trying to find some work to help to pay the bills (and get some notes) We shell see what is going happen.

Did say goodbye to my old computer that was working under Windows Vista, have now for the first time a Laptop. (Still trying to get writ of the ´autoclick´)

Result: I´m going from the number 3 from Ireland to Number 15 (493 from Visitors) from Spain

I did manage to score already a hit It was an Irish note, entered in Ireland (Dublin) by an Irishman smiley

I don´t know when my next post is but Bye Bye for now smiley

Google map is Eircode Ready

Ireland Posted on 22 Nov, 2016 21:24:31

I’m very surprised, but I noticed that Google map is now Eircode Ready.

As City manager for EBT I came across an Eircode in Galway, that needed some coordinates. Using Google map I was surprised that it gave me straight away the right coordinates. Ofcourse I was not for sure, so I had to double check it with the ‘Find or Check the Eircode’ side and it was true.

Be honest I was not expecting this, Maybe the Eircode is here for to stay


Others Posted on 25 Oct, 2016 12:12:21

Searching for my name (What Google said about me) I found the names of my Grandparents on my mothers side

It was on a Stamboom (Genealogy Site) online from Wilma Alsemgeest

I wrote to here that I had some more information and there was some e-mail contact

She gave me more information and I passed it today to my neef (cousin) in Canada who has also a Stambook online

By contacting on e-mail I discovered something. I changed my Broadband provider (Big trouble with my old provider) and they still sending my my e-mails from my old e-mail address but I can’t send e-mails, so I had to create an e-mail address to send

Greece rush over?

City Profiles Posted on 25 Oct, 2016 11:48:24

For someone who can’t write Greece and even don’t know how to type the Greece characters from the keyboard to is it hard to try to plot for Greece.

Luckly we can copy and past with the computer 😉

I think Elmo did entered all the Greece notes who his parents collected for him during there holidays (Sorry Elmo, for one or two profiles I had to go to the note entering for double check I I was on the write spot)

Yesterday I searched for a lot of Greece places and put it in the (hopefully) right dot

128 Visitors

Statics Posted on 20 Oct, 2016 00:55:38

Just checked my webstats and I was suprised that I had 128 Visitors today.

114 Visitors did come from California and 14 from Germany.

I don’t understand the Visitors from Californie, because I did not promote my site (web-address) and they have nothing to do with the Euro.

But I don’t mind, every one is welcome smiley

I’m a Millionair

Eurobilltracker Posted on 17 Oct, 2016 16:16:09

Today I’ve entered € 1.000.000,– in EBT.
All that money was going through my hands.
The result is that I’m still an poor man behind an old computer smiley

(Stats on the EBT site in dutch )

” Je hebt 63 080 biljetten ingegeven, gemiddeld 12.93 per dag. Dit betekent dat je meer biljetten hebt ingegeven dan 99.82% van de EBT gebruikers, en nu nummer 362 in de ranglijst bent!

De totale waarde van alle ingegeven biljetten bedraagt 1 000 000 EUR. De gemiddelde waarde van jouw biljetten bedraagt 15.85 EUR.

Je bent op 3041 verschillende dagen actief geweest, 62% van alle dagen sinds je 4878 dagen geleden voor het eerst geregistreerd bent!

Je hebt biljetten van 235 plaatsen en 9 landen ingegeven. “

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